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Integrity Due Diligence (IDD)

There are many business transactions in which you cannot afford to incorrectly gauge your previously unknown business partners. A false assessment of supposedly serious business partners can have fatal consequences: loss of reputation, loss of customers, financial penalties, investigations by authorities, etc. 

As part of "Integrity Due Diligence," we will help you to recognize and minimize risks in connection with business deals, transactions and business operations in new markets and with new business partners. We enable an evaluation of the authenticity, reputation, financial situation and success history of key personnel and companies. A comprehensive IDD can provide your company with timely warning, protecting it from many different risks.

Information & know-how protection

Unfortunately, it has become routine in many companies: even though everything is in place, there is a loss to be lamented. The spoils: knowledge! From a complete database to significant contractual components to a groundbreaking product innovation, nearly everything today seems to be copied, misappropriated and intercepted. In addition to the risk of social engineering, there are many other weak points in every company, such as IT or insufficient building security measures. 

We will develop a security concept which is specially tailored to your company and your protection needs, including a functional early warning system. This focuses on building, personal, procedural and IT-specific security measures, as well as a corresponding penetration test.

(Anti) Social Engineering

According to an inquiry by the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution, every second company has already been a victim of industrial espionage. A majority of these companies frequently do not even notice that they have been the victims of white-collar crime. The perpetrators are obscuring their criminal acts with ever greater skill. Interpersonal coercion more and more frequently plays a role – always with the goal of eliciting specific behavior by the influenced person. These so-called "Social Engineers" spy on the personal spheres of their victims, steal identities or take advantage of behaviors to acquire secret information.

We can help protect you from these risks: we hold anti-social engineering training sessions with your employees, develop guidelines for the proper handling of sensitive company data and evaluate any previous misconduct. 

Trust is good, oversight is better

Doctored or even falsified resumes can lead to a rude awakening after a hiring - especially when filling sensitive positions with a high level of responsibility.

With the help of so-called "pre-employment screenings," we support you in the pre-selection of your applicants and provide you with important arguments that will help in your decision-making process.

Compliance & Integrity
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